3 Steps to Take When Feeling Stressed

Three Steps To Take When Feeling Stressed English (1)

Every single person at some point during their week has that moment when they think that the entire world is out to get them. Or they have so many things to do they don’t see a way to accomplish it. During these stressful times, it is imperative to learn to identify and manage your stress to cope with life’s daily challenges. 3 steps to take when feeling stressed.

1.Realise when it is causing you a problem

Strange as it may seem, we are often not aware of what causes us stress. So take time to check in with yourself, without judgment. How are you feeling? Pay attention to your body – are your muscles tense or relaxed?  Is your breathing deep or shallow? You may be surprised to find when you are experiencing stress or simply reminded that you find certain situations difficult. Just let yourself acknowledge the feeling.

2.Identify the causes

The most important phase of stress management is identifying your personal triggers. Take time to write down and/or discuss your various life stressors with someone. Once you have determined what your triggers are, you can begin to determine which stress reducers work best for you.

3.Review your lifestyle

Lifestyle changes are simple but powerful tools in treating stress depression and anxiety, and they are an essential component of an integrated approach to treatment. In some cases, lifestyle changes alone can help stress or relieve anxiety, so it makes sense to start with them right away (but if you are suffering from moderate to severe depression or anxiety, also seek professional help right away). We can change our daily habits with small steps. Eat healthier, less sugar (and hidden sugar in carbohydrates), less fatty food, and move more!

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