Cambodia: Health Insurance or Travel Insurance?

Cambodians and Expatriates often ask us for an “International insurance” while often unclear whether they need a Health Insurance or a Travel Insurance.

What is the difference between Travel Insurance and International Health Insurance?

Travel insurance was created to cover unexpected issues before and during a short stay abroad: ticket cancellation, emergency accident, flight issues, baggage loss…It is quite limited in cover.

International Health Insurance in Cambodia

International Health Insurance like SAFETYNET insurance plans are different. It is covering for the entire year unexpected medical treatment whether in Cambodia or any countries in the world. The cover amount may reach millions of dollars with direct billing features.

Summary Health Insurance and Travel Insurance in Cambodia

In conclusion, Health Insurance will cover you for a year for most unexpected medical expenses in your country or other countries: from a high fever to an accident, surgery, hospitalization, cancer, etc…Travel Insurance will cover you just for a short period of time and mostly for emergencies and travel related aspects.

SAFETYNET offers International Health Insurance meaning our insured members residing in Cambodia are covered in any countries of the world.

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