Cambodia HR medical claims

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SAFETYNET online capabilities allow HR department to easily submit claims online.

We hear that some firms/ institutions prefer their employees to claim directly the Health expenses while others delegate it to the HR/ Administration departments, or a right to choose.

Our constant goal is to build a solid system which also assure full confidentiality thanks to a safe and secure database structure.

Today, we are offering for any stakeholder to submit claims:

  • the Corporate HR and Admin team in Cambodia may input directly on the medical claims on behalf of their staff a few clicks away
  • our Partners and Intermediates/ Agents will use the same tool to remove their client’s burden
  • As always, any Insured Members can submit directly their claims online

Last but not least, our online portal also grants the possibility to ADD/ DELETE a staff/ employee without having to call SAFETYNET or go through a complicated red tape process…

SAFETYNET is committed to continue to develop online tools to contribute to ease the major question of all Insured: How can I easily submit my claims to get a fast reimbursement?

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If you want to know more about SAFETYNET for your company, family or simply yourself:

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