How can I identify trustful insurance company in Cambodia?

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As a relatively new industry in Cambodia, one may wonder how to select a reliable Health Insurance company in Cambodia. Needless to say, it is important to check first if it is a licensed Insurance company at the Ministry of Finance. Here are additional tips to pick a trustful Health Insurance company for yourself, family […]

Relationship between Insurance & Hospitals in Cambodia

Relationship Between Insurance & Hospitals In Cambodia

When you purchased a Health Insurance plan for your company, you probably did not ask any questions about the Hospital Network relationship. You mainly were concerned about the number of hospitals. Cambodian Insurance companies and Hospitals relation may seem as simple as: Insurance companies agree with Hospitals to belong to the Network Hospitals call by […]

For your Company in Cambodia: How to select the right Health Insurance plan?

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Every year, Cambodian Leadership teams have to go through the bid for Health Insurance plans. This can be a very unpleasant and complicated duty while employees’ satisfaction/ loyalty may be impacted by this type of extra benefits. Some advice to guide Managers for group Health Insurance selection. PRICE: Premium is important but… The annual budget […]

Ask your Cambodian Hospital which Health Insurance to pick !!! 


It is a common belief among Cambodians that Insurance companies are not trustful and therefore a waste to spend money…There are many Insurance plans and it is very difficult to find the right one. What about asking your Hospital which Health Insurance Specialist is trustful? – Hospitals know which Health Insurance is reliable – SafetyNet […]

Short Overview of Health Insurance in Cambodia

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Health Insurance (which belongs to ”General Insurance”) in Cambodia accounts in 2020 for a total premium $20,995,224. The Year on Year growth was 12.4% while it varied from 12.2% to 30% since 2015. The Medical segment is growing at a much faster pace than Life Insurance and Micro-Insurance. There are currently 16 General Insurance companies […]

Why is SafetyNet growing so fast in Cambodia?

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After a few years in the Kingdom of Cambodia, SafetyNet Insurance Services (Cambodia), Co. LTD. has reached in 2020 a market share of 18% Health Insurance premiums. SafetyNet was founded on the idea that there was a missing product to protect financially Cambodians. A Health Insurance plan which would focus on the Family with guaranteed acceptance […]

Family Lifestyle Event in Cambodia

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In cooperation with AEON Mall Phnom Penh, SafetyNet led the organization of the FAMILY LIFESTYLE event in the ”Lively Plaza” area of the biggest mall in the capital city. It was the opportunity to highlight the products and services of SafetyNet Health Insurance Specialist, Sunrise Japan Hospital, thefresh.jp, and Lock&Lock 50% discounted items. Thanks to […]

Why some medical bills are not reimbursed by Insurance companies?

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  At SAFETYNET, we are happy to have paid 97.2% of the claim submitted in 2020. The ones which were not paid are due to non alignment with the terms and conditions as explained below. We want you Cambodians to understand more about Health Insurance. 1- What is a Health Insurance plan/ package? A Health […]

Better Communicate your Employee’s Benefits

Better Communicate Your Employee’s Benefits Safetynet

  According to a survey* in 2018, 29% of employees said Employee Benefits is a top reason to move to another company while 92% think that this is linked to their job satisfaction. Cambodia with its low unemployment is suffering from a high turnover rate of qualified staff, maybe better communication from HR efforts will […]