Why some medical bills are not reimbursed by Insurance companies?

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  At SAFETYNET, we are happy to have paid 97.2% of the claim submitted in 2020. The ones which were not paid are due to non alignment with the terms and conditions as explained below. We want you Cambodians to understand more about Health Insurance. 1- What is a Health Insurance plan/ package? A Health […]

Better Communicate your Employee’s Benefits

Better Communicate Your Employee’s Benefits Safetynet

  According to a survey* in 2018, 29% of employees said Employee Benefits is a top reason to move to another company while 92% think that this is linked to their job satisfaction. Cambodia with its low unemployment is suffering from a high turnover rate of qualified staff, maybe better communication from HR efforts will […]

Some Truths & Facts You should Know. 

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Is Health Insurance Necessary? You are Healthy. You eat Healthy Food. You go to the Gym. Why would you spend money on Health Insurance? Because even Healthy people get infected with viruses/bacteria, food poisoning, are detected with Cancer or victims of Accidents. Many hospitalizations in the region are actually due to those events. Health Insurance […]

Health Insurance for HR leadership in Cambodia

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Cambodia’s first Social Security body was actually set-up as early as 1955 but the Khmer Rouge and the country’s years of reconstruction had postponed a wide implementation. Today, the National Social Security Fund NSSF is spreading out to companies but some corporations are also relying on Group Private Medical Insurance to offer more benefits and […]

Health Financial Protection to All.

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Possible in developing countries? According to International organizations, up to 300 million people in the world are reaching unacceptable levels of financial situations due to medical care costs. Aside from a philosophical point of view where this is unbearable, the WHO Constitution (1946) envisages “…the highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental right of […]

New SafetyNet videos on Air !

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    SafetyNet Cambodia, today started to screen its new videos on Social Media: Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Those videos aim to increase the awareness of SafetyNet Health Insurance Specialist – focusing on protecting Families, especially elderly members who are often excluded from most affordable Health Insurance plans. With a light hearted spirit, it expresses […]

ABA Bank signed with SafetyNet to protect its 6000 employees all over Cambodia.

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From August 9, 2020, All the ABA Bank employees are protected for their Health expenses by SafetyNet Cambodia.  Our Sales and Underwriting teams have designed an innovative scheme that fitted well into ABA Bank vision of what an Insurer should offer. Next to this, we believe that our reputation with top notch Online Solutions (Claim […]

HR and Admin Managers: Submit your staff claims online in a few minutes !!!

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With the growing number of Top companies in Phnom Penh joining SafetyNet Health Insurance plans, we have upgraded our systems to ease the submission of claims online. We hear that some firms/ institutions prefer their employees to claim directly the Health expenses while others delegate it to the HR/ Administration departments, or a right to […]

Upgraded Hospital Online tool

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Working efficiently with our Hospital Network has always been a priority for SafetyNet. Because creating a smooth connection between the Hospital and our systems allows our members to have a no-worry experience when you are hospitalized. The Hospital will recognize your membership in seconds with your Benefits so you do not have to wait for […]