Employees Insurance Cambodia

The National Social Security Fund NSSF is the public Health Insurance scheme in Cambodia based on employment.

On top of it, more and more corporations are offering to their staff additional benefits with Health Insurance from the private sector.

As of May 2022, Cambodia has more than 18 General Insurance brands or solutions to protect financially in case of hospitalization, accidents and more.

CEO and HR Cambodian leaders do face multiple challenges in fully satisfying employees with strict budgets.
They should:

  • Understand the needs from the employees
  • Identify the acceptable restrictions for the employees
  • Check the Insurance reimbursement process
  • Make sure about the Hospital Network (for Direct Billing) in Cambodia and abroad
  • Check how close is the relationship between the Insurance company and Hospitals
  • Clarify the Insurance company online system capabilities
  • Communicate clearly about the Health plans to the employees

Cambodia’s local practices show that price is often the only factor in the choice of the Insurer/ plan. However, the Leadership team should keep in mind that upgrading a bit may allow additional benefits such as Maternity or Worldwide cover that will be highly valued by their staff.

Also, Build a trusted relationship with your Insurer. Having real and honest conversations will allow you to maintain stable Premiums in the long run.

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