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Selecting the “Best health insurance in Cambodia” that meets the specific needs for expatriates and local residents can be a complicated task.

Insurance coverage in this region is less widespread compared to other areas globally. Although seeking advice from friends and family is an option, the fact remains that insurance coverage among Cambodian residents (expats or locals) is so infrequent that obtaining concrete answers is challenging.

There are currently several international insurance companies represented through various intermediaries and local Cambodian health insurance providers. International insurers are known for their reliability, yet they lack a physical presence. Conversely, local insurers possess an in-depth understanding of the Cambodian environment but have not yet achieved international acclaim.

Private Insurance Cover

What are the hallmarks of quality medical insurance in Cambodia?

  • Accident & Hospitalization Coverage: It should cover accidents, which can incur significant costs in international medical groups or top-tier hospitals. It goes without saying that hospitalization for Illness should be well covered too.
  • Cancer Treatment: With the increasing prevalence of cancer, the insurance should ensure coverage for cancer treatments.
  • Affordability: The insurance should be affordable, reflecting the relatively low cost of living in Cambodia.
  • Global Coverage (full worldwide!): Despite local affordability, the insurance should offer worldwide coverage, catering to those with the financial means to travel internationally.
  • Direct Billing: It should provide direct billing options with renowned hospitals.
  • Genuine office in Cambodia: The insurance provider should have a dedicated team and offices in Cambodia to offer direct consultation with professionals familiar with the local context.
  • Prestigious Insurance partners: The insurance provider should be backed by reputable international insurance companies.

By focusing on essential coverage and eliminating superfluous elements, it is possible to maintain a premium that is both economical and tailored to the needs of Individuals in Cambodia.

SAFETYNET Health insurance for expats and local Cambodians

In 2019, SAFETYNET Cambodia unveiled the “PRIVATE HEALTH PROTECT” policy, designed to encapsulate the essential attributes sought by both local Cambodians and international expats. This policy is crafted for those who understand the importance of health insurance as a crucial protective measure against unforeseen medical emergencies, offering them access to top-tier healthcare services throughout the country.

  • The “PRIVATE HEALTH PROTECT” is a distinct and transparent health insurance option, welcoming individuals up to the age of 60 years, with the benefit of unlimited renewals.
  • It boasts global coverage, facilitating direct billing arrangements at over 260 medical facilities
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions begins from the fourth year, reflecting SAFETYNET’s commitment to transparency and the avoidance of any misunderstandings—we value clear communication.
  • The plan is competitively priced, ensuring you’re insured for the essentials, such as accidents and hospitalizations, without the unnecessary extras like routine doctor visits.
  • Partnerships with FORTE Insurance, AXA, and Europ Assistance, internationally recognized companies that bring a level of trust and assurance to the policyholder.

PRIVATE HEALTH PROTECT in Cambodia now boasts a clientele spanning 48 nationalities and counting, all drawn by its right coverage with competitive premiums.

It’s not just insurance; it’s a promise to cover what truly matters for our insured members with actual offices in Phnom Penh. If you want to know more about SAFETYNET Cambodia health insurance plans, feel free to contact us: help@safetynet-health.com -or- call us 023 23 57 57.

If you have a Travel Insurance, understand that it is different from a Health/Medical Insurance !