For Individuals & Families

The simplest way to insure you and your family against illnesses and accidents.

Family Health Protect

Minimum 4 Members Icon

Minimum of 4 members per family

No Age Limit Icon

No age limit

No Pre Existing Exclusions Icon

No pre-existing exclusions

7 Insurance Plans Icon

7 plans to choose from

Worldwide Cover icon

Worldwide Cover

Direct Billing Icon

Direct Billing

Emergency Evacuation Icon

Emergency Evacuation

Protect your family and your beloved ones unconditionally. Our range of hospitalisation plans covers everyone. You just need to enrol a minimum of 4 family members to start. We accept seniors, newborns and family members with existing illness or chronic disease.

Leaflet – Family Health Protect

Benefits Table – Family Health Protect

Private Health Protect

60 Years Old Age Limit Icon

Entry Age: 60 Year Old Maximum, Renewals: No age limit

9 Insurance Plan To Choose Icon

9 plans to choose from

Worlwide Insurance Cover Icon

Worldwide Cover

Purple Direct Billing Icon

Direct Billing

Purple Emergency Evacuation Icon

Emergency Evacuation

Accident Only Available Icon

Accident-only Available

Life can be surprising at times and come up with unforeseen medical issues and accident. Protect yourself from these unexpected situations against high medical cost in Cambodia and All over the World.

Leaflet – Private Health Protect

Benefits Table – Private Health Protect

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