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Below, you’ll find some tips on Insurance in the beautiful Kingdom of Cambodia, ensuring financial protection in case of unexpected illness or accidents.

Importance in getting Medical Insurance

It is widely acknowledged that obtaining insurance in Cambodia, as well as in many parts of Southeast Asia, is highly recommended due to the high costs associated with quality healthcare facilities in the region.

Insurance provides access not only to a variety of international medical groups but also to local clinics, which are prevalent in major cities such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Kampot, and others.

If you are unclear about the difference between Travel & Health Insurance, click here.

How to find an Insurance policy?

In Cambodia, private medical insurance can be acquired either through an insurance broker or directly from the medical insurance provider.

With numerous insurance companies operating in Cambodia (more than 15), it is crucial to choose one with a solid reputation (supported with International players) and physical offices, ensuring direct communication with the provider in the event of any disputes.

Health Insurance basics

Like in other countries, health insurance in Cambodia is typically structured as an annuity with a range of premium levels.

For full international geographical coverage, premiums can vary from $200 to several thousand dollars per year. While there are more affordable plans limited to specific countries in the region (for ex: Cambodia & Vietnam only), opting for comprehensive worldwide coverage is advisable if you travel and may require medical treatment in Europe, the USA, or Japan.

For corporate plans that provide coverage for employees (as part of employee benefits from the HR department), premiums can be more economical due to customized insurance plans, potentially as low as under $100 per person per year. However, it’s important to note that the annual coverage and terms are typically more limited.

Insurance policies are renewable, but it’s important to be aware that premiums may rise annually due to factors such as age, medical inflation, or other considerations determined by the insurance provider.

Insurance Coverage (Benefits)

When considering coverage options, it’s essential to evaluate your actual needs. Some coverage elements may not be crucial, yet they can significantly impact on your premium.

Application to Insurance plan

Remember that honesty is the best policy when applying for insurance. The coverage you receive is closely tied to the information you provide during the application process. Unfortunately, applicants sometimes overlook this crucial point, which can lead to complications later. Additionally, it’s essential to fully understand the definition of preexisting conditions & exclusions, as they can significantly impact your coverage.


Conducting thorough your own research and engaging in discussions with your insurance agent are essential steps to ensure peace of mind regarding your insurance coverage.

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