Insurance Pre-existing Conditions

Insurance Cambodia 2022

Mentioning the word ‘Insurance’ to some Cambodians is often a synonym of ‘cheating, trickery’, depicting the prejudices around the industry.

Health Insurance complexity
Reasons behind are probably due to the complexity of Insurance terms and conditions which create confusion and frictions when claims arise. One of the difficult word to comprehend is “Pre-existing conditions”.

What are the Pre-existing conditions?
As defined most simply, a pre-existing condition is any health condition that a person has prior to enrolling in the insurance: chronic disease, diabetes, etc…Imagine you are hospitalized for a Cancer and were aware before joining the Insurance, your insurance will not cover you the day you will raise the claim!

Family Health Protect
This is the reason why SAFETYNET created a Health Insurance plan that covers all pre-existing conditions for all Ages at an Affordable premium with Worldwide cover (because we know Cambodians also fly to Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand or Europe…for medical treatments).

Think about Family Health Protect if you want a Health Insurance plan with peace of mind.

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