Individual or Family Health Insurance for Cambodians?

Individual Or Family Health Insurance For Cambodians Safetynet Health Insurance Cambodia Affordable Price

Health Insurance coverage can be obtained from employment in some Cambodian companies or purchased privately. Joining a Medical Insurance independently allows one to select either an Individual or a Family plan. Both have certain differences, it’s important to know some basics.

What is an Individual Health Insurance Plan?
It is a plan that is for an Individual (one person), whether it is an adult or a child. The premium amount is very much correlated to the annual cover amount and the person’s age. There can be several people in the plan but it is designed in such a way that each individual benefit is treated separately.

What is a Family Health Insurance plan?
This is designed for several people in a family under the same plan. It is commonly -parents with children- but can also include grandparents, aunties, cousins and more… The plan includes everyone and some of the benefits can be for each family member while other benefits are offered to the entire family, not isolating each member use but as “the community use’’. Premiums are usually cheaper in a Family Health Insurance scheme rather than Individual Health Insurance.

Price wise, it will be cheaper to buy a Family Health Insurance than the cumulative of Individual Insurances. Moreover, due to the fact that some benefits are shared, you will have a much higher chance to get a variety of cover compared to Individual insurance.

At SAFETYNET, FAMILY HEALTH PROTECT is a unique plan that accepts any members of the family, regardless of Age and Medical conditions with In-patient and Outpatient offer at an Affordable rate. Finally, in case of special need, there is an exceptional feature called “X-tra SAFE” program that can multiply 10x the original cover amount under some conditions.

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