40 Insurance Companies (Cambodia)

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As of 2023, there are forty insurers and also other insurance operators (such as brokers, agents…) registered to the Cambodian authorities (Insurance Regulator of Cambodia). We can count:

  • 18 general insurers
  • 15 life insurers
  • 7 micro insurers
  • and 1 reinsurer (Cambodia Re)

Aside from the Regulator, there is also highly active Associations such as “Insurance Association of Cambodia” which represent the interests of the insurance industry and working to strengthen and promote the overall development and growth of insurance sector in Cambodia. The Cambodian Insurance Brokers Association (CIBA) supports its 15 licensed members (as March 2023).

In the Private Medical Insurance segment, FORTE with SAFETYNET is the indisputable leader thanks to very innovative products and operation excellence. This was confirmed through a SAFETYNET Customer Satisfaction Survey in March 2024 with 98.5% Satisfaction rate. Also, it partnered with International Medical Groups to offer Direct Billing services.

The insurance sector has recorded a total premium of 342 million U.S. dollars in 2023, up 3 percent from $331.8 million in a year earlier. On 15th February 2024, IRC’s director general Bou Chanphirou said: “Based on the insurance penetration rate of about 1.14 percent and insurance density of $20.72 per person in 2023, the insurance sector in Cambodia still has vast potential for growth in the future”.

Cambodia’s insurance industry has evolved significantly, and while it faced interruptions in the past, it now contributes to economic development and provides essential coverage for individuals and businesses in the country.

If you want to know more about SAFETYNET Cambodia health insurance plans, feel free to contact us: info@safetynet-health.com -or- call us 023 23 57 57.