ABA Bank signed with SafetyNet to protect its 6000 employees all over Cambodia.

Safetynet & Aba Final

From August 9, 2020, All the ABA Bank employees are protected for their Health expenses by SafetyNet Cambodia.

Our Sales and Underwriting teams have designed an innovative scheme that fitted well into ABA Bank vision of what an Insurer should offer.

Next to this, we believe that our reputation with top notch Online Solutions (Claim submission & Information exchanges) with outstanding Customer service has highly contributed to win this bidding.

Our Head of Direct Sales mentioned: “Bank and Insurance companies have very special needs with very professional and rational processes. I do trust this made us successful because we share the same values. ”

SafetyNet is continuing its aggressive market approach and targeting as well the Cambodian Families segment where the positioning is unique: Affordable, Accept All family members regardless of Age and Medical conditions with a Worldwide cover.

 The policy is underwritten by Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc.