Insurance Regulator of Cambodia Activities


SAFETYNET Cambodia support the activities of the Insurance Regulator (IRC), lead by H.E. Bou Chanphirou, Director General, to create a robust and trustable sector for the benefit of the Cambodian society. The insurance penetration rate/GDP in Cambodia currently fluctuates at around 1.1-1.2%, while the world average is at 6.3%. Cambodian government has a long-term goal […]

Best “Cambodia Insurance”?

Best Cambodia Insurance

Who is the Best Insurance company in the Kingdom of Cambodia?  Answering this question objectively is challenging due to numerous factors and diverse experiences influencing individual perspectives.  Nonetheless, it’s feasible to draw comparisons using factual criteria such as Reputation, Partners, People and Products. With these considerations in mind, here are a few tips to assist […]

40 Insurance Companies (Cambodia)

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As of 2023, there are forty insurers and also other insurance operators (such as brokers, agents…) registered to the Cambodian authorities (Insurance Regulator of Cambodia). We can count: 18 general insurers 15 life insurers 7 micro insurers and 1 reinsurer (Cambodia Re) Aside from the Regulator, there is also highly active Associations such as “Insurance Association […]

Private Medical Insurance (Cambodia)

Visiting Hospital With Mom

What is it? It is a contract between you and a private health insurance provider. In Cambodia, there are international players but also local players (with often much more competitive plans). Under this arrangement, the insurer agrees to cover some or all of your medical expenses in exchange for your payment of a yearly premium […]

Players in the Health Insurance Industry

Insurance In The Shield Protect, Life Insurance Concept

The ecosystem of the industry can sometime be a bit confusing. This list provides a non-exhaustive description of the main players in this complex industry. 1. Regulatory Body (the one who set the frameworks) Regulatory authorities oversee the insurance industry. They enforce rules, protect consumers, and maintain stability such as the -Insurance regulator of Cambodia […]

Do you want to buy Health Insurance in Cambodia ?

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Individual (1 person) or a Family? Family health insurance products are often more attractive than for a single person. Premiums are correlated to age and many Insurance plans do not accept more than 65 years old. Think about adding the elderly which you may have to take care of, before it is too late. If […]

Why is SAFETYNET different from other Health Insurance players in Cambodia?

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There are numerous Health Insurance companies and international brands distributed in Cambodia. However, we are proud to be the only “Health Insurance Specialist” in The Kingdom. Health Insurance is not like any other Insurance types… Health Insurance is very special, you need a pure “Health Insurance Specialist” to offer you the right price for the […]


What Are Possible Complications Of Measles In A Child Web (1)

Measles is an airborne disease caused by a virus infection that spreads very easily. Measles can be serious. Children younger than 5 years of age and adults older than 20 years of age are more likely to suffer from complications. Some of the more common measles symptoms include: High fever (may spike to more than […]


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In exchange for a premium (annual fee), the insurer will pay for expenses; the coverage can be more or less comprehensive but here are some basics of the differences. Accident InsurancePersonal Accident insurance (often already included in Health Insurance plans, such as for SAFETYNET) is an annual policy which provides compensation in the event of […]


Insurance History In Cambodia (1)

The genesis of Insurance  Cambodia’s insurance was institutionalized from 1956 but the Khmer Rouge regime put an end to its flourishment from 1975. After the country recovered from its ashes, in 1990-2000, the government introduced the first Laws of Insurance with state-owned insurance company CAMINCO, and also a reinsurance company CAMBODIA-RE in 2002.  Modernization of […]

Renewal Health Insurance

Renew Your Health Insurance Every Year

Health Insurance are annual contracts which means you can terminate or renew your Health Insurance plan. In Cambodia, SAFETYNET noted that many -Individual plans- in 2021 were not being renewed with naive arguments such as “I did not use my Health Insurance so I realized I do not need one, I am sorry I will […]

Medical inflation in Cambodia

Medical Inflation In Cambodia

In the recently released 2023 Global Medical Trends Survey Report published by Willis Towers Watson (WTW), WTW found that medical costs rose 8.2% in 2021 and 8.8% in 2022, and projected to remain at 10% globally and 10.2% for Asia Pacific for 2023. http://Source​ Link What drives medical inflation? Some common causes of medical inflation […]

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty Is Best With Your Insurance In Cambodia

Everyone is tempted to give part of the truth in some cases in life…Because the full truth does not always look good or may disadvantage you in some ways. For Insurance, you should not play with honesty. The consequences can be high. Let’s explain to you why. If there is one virtue that insurance thrives […]

តើ​ការ​ប្រើ​ថ្នាំ​ផ្សះ(ថ្នាំអង់ទីប៊ីយោទិច)​​ដើម្បី​ព្យាបាល​ជំងឺ​ផ្ដាសាយ ឬ​ផ្ដាសាយធំ​មាន​ផល​ប៉ះពាល់​អ្វីខ្លះ?

Final Web What Are The Side Effects Of Using Antibiotics To Treat

Looking for an effective common cold or flu treatment and wondering if antibiotics will work? Antibiotics are medications that fight infections caused by bacteria, but the flu is caused by a virus. Antibiotics will not help you feel better. Taking antibiotics when you have a virus may do more harm than good. Taking antibiotics when […]

Health Insurance Specialist in the Kingdom ?

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There are numerous Health Insurance companies and international brands distributed in Cambodia. However, we are proud to be the only “Health Insurance Specialist”. We think Health Insurance is not like any other Insurance types…We think Health Insurance is special, you need a pure “Health Insurance Specialist” to: Design the right Health Insurance plans that fit […]

No Health Insurance in Cambodia?

Why Health Insurance? The objective of a Health Insurance is to cover your unexpected medical expenses, it will bring down out of pocket expenses. Without Health Insurance. If you have no Health Insurance, you are taking the risk that it can wipe out your current savings and even fall into debts…It is estimated that millions […]

Insurance Pre-existing Conditions

Insurance Cambodia 2022

Mentioning the word ‘Insurance’ to some Cambodians is often a synonym of ‘cheating, trickery’, depicting the prejudices around the industry. Health Insurance complexityReasons behind are probably due to the complexity of Insurance terms and conditions which create confusion and frictions when claims arise. One of the difficult word to comprehend is “Pre-existing conditions”. What are […]

Cambodia: Health Insurance or Travel Insurance?

Cambodians and Expatriates often ask us for an “International insurance” while often unclear whether they need a Health Insurance or a Travel Insurance. What is the difference between Travel Insurance and International Health Insurance? Travel insurance was created to cover unexpected issues before and during a short stay abroad: ticket cancellation, emergency accident, flight issues, […]

SAFETYNET 7th Anniversary

Safetynet 7th Anniversary (9th June)

On 9th June 2022, it is the 7th anniversary of SAFETYNET from its incorporation in Singapore. We are proud to be the undisputed leader in Health Insurance in Cambodia: 20,000 Members, close to 250 Hospitals in the Network, more than 40,000 medical claims processed, millions of $ paid every year to Cambodians ! Thank you […]

Employees Insurance Cambodia

The National Social Security Fund NSSF is the public Health Insurance scheme in Cambodia based on employment. On top of it, more and more corporations are offering to their staff additional benefits with Health Insurance from the private sector. As of May 2022, Cambodia has more than 18 General Insurance brands or solutions to protect […]

Truth & Facts about SAFETYNET Health Insurance Specialist

Is Health Insurance Necessary? You are Healthy. You eat Healthy Food. You go to the Gym. Why would you spend money on Health Insurance? Because even Healthy people get infected with viruses/bacteria, food poisoning, are detected with Cancer or victims of Accidents. Many hospitalizations in the region are actually due to those events. Health Insurance […]

Elderly people with Health Insurance in Cambodia

SAFETYNET is proud to cover entire families without any age limitations and exclusion of existing diseases.Recently, we had hundred of people above 60 years old. SAFETYNET is looking forward to protecting every generation because Health is our most valuable asset ! We recommend you to read more about Insurance covering Pre-existing conditions. If you want […]


Flu Vacination

The flu vaccine is the safest and most effective way to help protect against flu. It will also help reduce the risk of spreading flu to others. Getting a flu shot will often protect you from coming down with the flu. And although the flu shot doesn’t always provide total protection, it’s worth getting. There […]


What Can Be Done To Prevent The Spread Of Dengue Fever

Controlling and preventing dengue fever outbreaks are essential steps for keeping people healthy. The primary preventative measure to reduce dengue infections is the control of mosquito populations: Community Actions: Source reduction is to eliminate unnecessary container habitats that collect water (such as plastic jars, bottles, cans, tires, and buckets) in which mosquitoes can lay their […]

Chickenpox and Pregnancy?

Can Chickenpox During Pregnancy Cause Problems For You And Your Baby V1

Chickenpox is an infection caused by a virus called the varicella-zoster virus. Chickenpox used to be a common infection, especially in children under age 12. It’s less common now because a vaccine is available to help prevent it. Some people are at higher risk for complications from chickenpox, including pregnant people and newborns. Even though […]

តើជំងឺមេរោគក្នុងក្រពះ (Helicobacter Pylori) គឺជាអ្វី?

What Is Helicobacter Pylori Infection Safetynet Website

Helicobacter Pylori is a type of bacteria. Infection with Helicobacter Pylori is common. Helicobacter Pylori bacteria are present in some 50% to 75% of the world’s population. It mostly occurs in children. These germs can enter your body and live in your digestive tract. After many years, they can cause sores, called ulcers, in the […]


Regular Health Check Up Worldwide Cover No Medical Questionairs Safetynet

Going for a medical checkup regularly helps you avoid a wide number of diseases and catch other diseases early on. It also serves to keep you better advised about your health, keep your physician or other doctors apprised of your health, and basically result in a healthier life. Here are the benefits of regular check-ups […]

សញ្ញា​ទាំង៥ បញ្ជាក់ថា​អ្នក​អាច​មាន​ជំងឺ​រលាក​សន្លាក់

5 Signs You May Have Arthritis Safetynet

Arthritis is a general term for conditions that affect the joints or tissues around the joint. There are more than 100 types of arthritis. Most types of arthritis cause pain and stiffness in and around the affected joint or joints. Some types of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, also affect the immune system and some […]

SAFETYNET Teams in Kep province

Safetynet Staff Retreat

The year 2021 was very intense for all SAFETYNET teams in Cambodia with the harsh COVID situation. Keeping our operations running without interruption was imperative to us because we know our insured members need claims reimbursement as quickly as possible. This year transformed us into being even more agile and efficient thanks to more digitalization […]

Insurance ASEAN 2019


Obviously, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have the highest penetration, as it is correlated to their economic development and population maturity toward Insurance products. With a total of $246 Millions of Gross Premium in 2019, the Kingdom has a penetration of the Insurance industry into the GDP of 0.91% (0.4% for non-life insurance). ASEAN societal issues […]


Safetynet Health Insuarnce Specialist Medicle Tips Madicle Cambodia

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy. With diabetes, your body either doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t effectively use the insulin. We ​often hear […]

Health Financial Protection (Medical Insurance) for all Cambodians ?

Health Financial Protection (medical Insurance) For All Cambodians (5)

On the 12th of December was “Universal Health Coverage Day”. According to International organizations, up to 300 million people in the world are reaching unacceptable levels of financial situations due to medical care costs.One may wonder if the private sector in Cambodia could contribute to this goal. Current reality is that commercial Health Insurance plans […]

The Health Insurance for expatriates in Cambodia

Final Expat Health

Cambodia has experienced an exponential growth of foreigners moving to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville but also Battambang the past 10 years. Protecting yourself and your family from unexpected medical expenses and accidents is critical in an environment where quality healthcare can be very expensive. There are several players with International insurance plans meaning they […]

តើអ្នកដឹងទេថា ធានារ៉ាប់រងបន្ត ជាអ្វី?

Did You Know What (2)

How can Insurance pay heavy claims? Many wonder how Insurance plans in Cambodia are protecting consumers in case of heavy claims, such as a tragic event where the cover guaranteed may reach several hundred thousands of dollars (Hospitalization with a heavy surgery, Accident in Europe with emergency admission, Death benefits….etc..). This is actually possible because […]



Both adults and children may encounter various diseases in the rainy season as the prospects are high due to vector-borne infections and unhygienic conditions by the damp environment in the rainy season. It is the reason why this is the best time to take action: “Prevention is better than cure”.  What are the common illnesses caused […]

តើការការស្រូបយកចំហាយទឹក​​(ឆ្ពុង)​ អាចជួយអ្នកក្នុងការប្រយុទ្ធប្រឆាំងជំងឺកូវីដ ១៩ ដែរឬទេ?

Steam Inhalation English

Amidst the rising number of coronavirus cases, people are looking for ways to safeguard themselves from the deadly. Recently social media in Cambodia is stormed with a claim that says, steam inhalation can fight coronavirus. There’s no proof steam inhalation cures Covid-19. While steaming has emerged as a popular home remedy to beat Covid, doctors […]

How can I identify trustful insurance company in Cambodia?

Updated V1

As a relatively new industry in Cambodia, one may wonder how to select a reliable Health Insurance company in Cambodia. Needless to say, it is important to check first if it is a licensed Insurance company at the Ministry of Finance. Here are additional tips to pick a trustful Health Insurance company for yourself, family […]

Relationship between Insurance & Hospitals in Cambodia

Relationship Between Insurance & Hospitals In Cambodia

When you purchased a Health Insurance plan for your company, you probably did not ask any questions about the Hospital Network relationship. You mainly were concerned about the number of hospitals. Cambodian Insurance companies and Hospitals relation may seem as simple as: Insurance companies agree with Hospitals to belong to the Network Hospitals call by […]

លំហាត់ប្រាណ ១១ យ៉ាងដែលជួយជំរុញឱ្យសុខភាពសួតរឹងមាំ

Safetynet Lungn

We usually take our lung functions and breathing for granted. We don’t consider the importance of our lungs unless we experience breathing problems, and the COVID-19 pandemic teaches us this! Here are some basic exercises to improve your lung health along with its functional capacity. Practice Deep Breathing Simply relax your face, inhale through your […]

For your Company in Cambodia: How to select the right Health Insurance plan?

Right Health Insurance Plan V2

Every year, Cambodian Leadership teams have to go through the bid for Health Insurance plans. This can be a very unpleasant and complicated duty while employees’ satisfaction/ loyalty may be impacted by this type of extra benefits. Some advice to guide Managers for group Health Insurance selection. PRICE: Premium is important but… The annual budget […]