Misunderstanding about Insurance

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In the context of economic development and the steadily improving living standards in Cambodia, personal financial management is becoming a vital life skill for everyone: An indispensable part of financial management is insurance. Presently, the insurance premium ratio to Cambodia’s GDP stands at approximately 1.14%, with an ambitious target set to reach 5.5% by 2030. […]

Expats and Cambodian Insurance for Healthcare

Medical Health Insurance Cambodia Expats

Select Medical/ Health Insurance Selecting the “Best health insurance in Cambodia” that meets the specific needs for expatriates and local residents can be a complicated task. Insurance coverage in this region is less widespread compared to other areas globally. Although seeking advice from friends and family is an option, the fact remains that insurance coverage […]

SAFETYNET Cambodia Health Insurance: 9th Anniversary !

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On 9th June 2015 was the first day SAFETYNET Insurance Services was established in Singapore. SAFETYNET was founded on the belief that we can develop an innovative health insurance plan that better addresses the needs of Southeast Asian countries. – How can we develop a health insurance system that provides effective support for families and […]

SAFETYNET is the 1st Health Insurance Provider to partner with “Techo Santepheap National Hospital”

Safetynet Partners With Techo Santepheap National Hospital June 05 2024 (2)

On 5 June 2024, SAFETYNET is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the “Techo Santepheap National Hospital,” a recently established cutting-edge medical facility capable of serving 10,000 patients. Health Insurance hand-in-hand with Cambodia’s leading public hospital This partnership cements SAFETYNET’s position as Cambodia’s premier health insurance provider, dedicated to easing the financial burden of medical […]

Guide Insurance Cambodia

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Below, you’ll find some tips on Insurance in the beautiful Kingdom of Cambodia, ensuring financial protection in case of unexpected illness or accidents. Importance in getting Medical Insurance It is widely acknowledged that obtaining insurance in Cambodia, as well as in many parts of Southeast Asia, is highly recommended due to the high costs associated […]

SAFETYNET Team Cambodia Refreshed for 2024 !!!

Safetynet Medical Insurance Team 2024

Last month, the SAFETYNET team refreshed themselves with a delightful stay in Sihanoukville  (Ream Beach) after a busy 2023! On Saturday morning, they set off on a bus journey via the superhighway to Kampong Som, appreciating Cambodia’s impressive infrastructure that enables fast and safe travel (new highway). Team bonding occurred naturally, without any planned activities […]

Cambodia’s Health Medical Insurance

Cambodia Medical Insurance Overview 2016 Till 2023

A snapshot of the gross premiums in Health Insurance (General Insurance) in Cambodia from 2016 to 2023 reveals continuous strong double-digit growth (data from IRC and IAC). It almost tripled in value during that period to reach more than $31 Mio. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with recent complexities in the environment, […]

Cambodia HR medical claims

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SAFETYNET online capabilities allow HR department to easily submit claims online. We hear that some firms/ institutions prefer their employees to claim directly the Health expenses while others delegate it to the HR/ Administration departments, or a right to choose. Our constant goal is to build a solid system which also assure full confidentiality thanks […]

Cambodian companies select SAFETYNET

SAFETYNET Insurance Services (Cambodia), Co. Ltd. remains in 2023, the undisputed leader in Health Insurance plans for Companies, Families and Individuals in the Kingdom. Setting up a successful and sustainable Health Insurance in Cambodia required more than having the right products: 1- International Expertise from the Management team Our Management team is composed of highly […]

Corporate Employee Benefits in Cambodia

In year-end, Cambodian Leadership teams have to go through the bid for employee benefits, especially Health Insurance plans. You will find below some important points to consider. COST IS THE MAIN DRIVER? The annual budget for group Health insurance is often determined upfront and not negotiable. However, it is good to keep yourself some margin […]

Insights about Insurtech in Cambodia

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Cambodia’s Insurtech is fast evolving with start-up and traditional companies trying to disrupt in a country where Insurance potential is immense. Insurance Objective for Cambodia The regulator is actively stimulating the entire ecosystem to achieve an Insurance penetration of 5.5% by 2030. A key player in the market SAFETYNET Cambodia has proven its contribution to […]

Medical Insurance in Cambodia Q1-Q3 2022

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Cambodia’s Medical/ Health Insurance statistics were just released for the 3rd quarter 2022 by the Insurance Regulator of Cambodia. Cambodians’ Health insurance value in Gross premium reached $8.3 millions for a growth of 19.8% in Q3. Market Q1-Q3 2022: $24.8 mln Looking at a bigger picture, for Q1 to Q3 2022, the growth is at […]

Cambodia’s Medical Insurance

Cambodia Medical Insurance H1 2022

Cambodia’s Medical/ Health Insurance statistics were just released for the 2nd quarter 2022. Cambodians’ Health insurance value in Gross premium reached $5.0 millions for a growth of 6.4% in Q2. First Half 2022: $16.4 mln Looking at a bigger picture, for the 1st half 2022, we note a similar growth at 6.5%. Health Insurance Cambodians […]



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New SafetyNet videos on Air !

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SafetyNet Cambodia, today started to screen its new videos on Social Media: Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Those videos aim to increase the awareness of SafetyNet Health Insurance Specialist – focusing on protecting Families, especially elderly members who are often excluded from most affordable Health Insurance plans. With a light hearted spirit, it expresses Cambodian families’ […]

ABA Bank signed with SafetyNet to protect its 6000 employees all over Cambodia.

Safetynet & Aba Final

From August 9, 2020, All the ABA Bank employees are protected for their Health expenses by SafetyNet Cambodia. Our Sales and Underwriting teams have designed an innovative scheme that fitted well into ABA Bank vision of what an Insurer should offer. Next to this, we believe that our reputation with top notch Online Solutions (Claim […]

HR and Admin Managers: Submit your staff claims online in a few minutes !!!

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With the growing number of Top companies in Phnom Penh joining SafetyNet Health Insurance plans, we have upgraded our systems to ease the submission of claims online. We hear that some firms/ institutions prefer their employees to claim directly the Health expenses while others delegate it to the HR/ Administration departments, or a right to […]