Health Insurance Specialist in Cambodia ?

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There are numerous Health Insurance companies and international brands distributed in Cambodia. However, we are proud to be the only “Health Insurance Specialist”. We think Health Insurance is not like any other Insurance types… We think Health Insurance is special, you need a pure “Health Insurance Specialist” to: Design the right Health Insurance plans that […]

No Health Insurance in Cambodia?

No Health Insurance In Cambodia (end August)

Why Health Insurance? The objective of a Health Insurance is to cover your unexpected medical expenses, it will bring down out of pocket expenses. Without Health Insurance. If you have no Health Insurance, you are taking the risk that it can wipe out your current savings and even fall into debts…It is estimated that millions […]

Cambodia’s Medical Insurance

Cambodia Medical Insurance H1 2022

Cambodia’s Medical/ Health Insurance statistics were just released for the 2nd quarter 2022. Cambodians’ Health insurance value in Gross premium reached $5.0 millions for a growth of 6.4% in Q2. First Half 2022: $16.4 mln Looking at a bigger picture, for the 1st half 2022, we note a similar growth at 6.5%. Health Insurance Cambodians […]

Insurance Pre-existing Conditions

Insurance Cambodia 2022

Mentioning the word ‘Insurance’ to some Cambodians is often a synonym of ‘cheating, trickery’, depicting the prejudices around the industry. Health Insurance complexity Reasons behind are probably due to the complexity of Insurance terms and conditions which create confusion and frictions when claims arise. One of the difficult word to comprehend is “Pre-existing conditions”. What […]

Cambodia: Health Insurance or Travel Insurance?

Health Insurance Or Travel Insurance (early July)

Cambodians and Expatriates often ask us for an “International insurance” while often unclear whether they need a Health Insurance or a Travel Insurance. What is the difference between Travel Insurance and International Health Insurance? Travel insurance was created to cover unexpected issues before and during a short stay abroad: ticket cancellation, emergency accident, flight issues, […]

SAFETYNET 7th Anniversary

Safetynet 7th Anniversary (9th June)

On 9th June 2022, it is the 7th anniversary of SAFETYNET from its incorporation in Singapore. We are proud to be the undisputed leader in Health Insurance in Cambodia: 20,000 Members, close to 250 Hospitals in the Network, more than 40,000 medical claims processed, millions of $ paid every year to Cambodians ! Thank you […]

Employees Insurance Cambodia

Employees’ Insurance Cambodia (end May)

The National Social Security Fund NSSF is the public Health Insurance scheme in Cambodia based on employment. On top of it, more and more corporations are offering to their staff additional benefits with Health Insurance from the private sector. As of May 2022, Cambodia has more than 18 General Insurance brands or solutions to protect […]

Hospital bills paid by SAFETYNET Cambodia

Hospital Bills Paid By Safetynet Cambodia (early May)

SAFETYNET has been paying out more than 10,000 claims in 2021 !!! Non-stop processing and paying Medical Claims. That’s more than 40 medical claims processed everyday for Cambodians by our Teams in Phnom Penh ! Double-digit growth. The good news is that this number continues to grow in 2022 with expecting double digit growth of […]

Truth & Facts about SAFETYNET Health Insurance Specialist

Truth & Facts About Safetynet Health Insurance Specialist (end June)

Is Health Insurance Necessary? You are Healthy. You eat Healthy Food. You go to the Gym. Why would you spend money on Health Insurance? Because even Healthy people get infected with viruses/bacteria, food poisoning, are detected with Cancer or victims of Accidents. Many hospitalizations in the region are actually due to those events. Health Insurance […]

Elderly people with Health Insurance in Cambodia

Elderly People With Health Insurance In Cambodia (end April)

SAFETYNET is proud to cover entire families without any age limitations and exclusion of existing diseases. Recently, we had hundred of people above 60 years old. SAFETYNET is looking forward to protecting every generation because Health is our most valuable asset !