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In exchange for a premium (annual fee), the insurer will pay for expenses; the coverage can be more or less comprehensive but here are some basics of the differences.

Accident Insurance
Personal Accident insurance (often already included in Health Insurance plans, such as for SAFETYNET) is an annual policy which provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events.
The Accident can be happening at home, while practicing a leisure sport or even a car accident, etc….It covers the person for medical expenses.

Car Insurance
In general, Auto insurance protects against financial loss in the event of a car accident or theft.
It provides coverage for the damage to or theft of a car, the legal responsibility to others, the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes even lost wages and funeral expenses…It covers events related to a car.

Every policy has its own limits, and maximum amount the insurance company will pay.
SAFETYNET offer Accident and Health Insurance in Cambodia, you may reach us: 023 23 57 57 I 093 23 57 57 I 085 70 57 57 or info@safetynet-health.com