Do you want to buy Health Insurance in Cambodia ?

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  1. Individual (1 person) or a Family?
    Family health insurance products are often more attractive than for a single person.
    Premiums are correlated to age and many Insurance plans do not accept more than 65 years old.
    Think about adding the elderly which you may have to take care of, before it is too late.
    If you are looking for a Health/ Medical Insurance for your company (groups), you can also read more in this article: How to select the right Insurance plan?
  2. Benefits
    Hospitalization: Make sure the annual limit is sufficient to cover you in good medical facilities.
    Day Care: Many treatments today don’t require hospitalization such as Cancer treatments, Dialysis, Emergency Care, etc..….Check if this is covered.
    International Evacuation: This is often overlooked but very useful in South-East Asia where you cannot find good medical care in remote areas.
    Childbirth Benefits: If you’re planning a family, consider plans that cover maternity expenses.
  3. Pre-existing Diseases
    This is a major point that needs to be clear, make sure you understand how this is covered.
  4. Exclusions
    Read this list carefully.
  5. Network Hospitals
    Check their Hospital Network, some insurers may cover treatments anywhere in the world. You may check SAFETYNET Hospital Network here.
  6. សម្រាប់ការចូលរួមចំណែកនៃការចំណាយ
    Some policies require you to pay a part of the medical expenses out of pocket.
  7. Reviews and Feedback
    Before settling on an insurer, check online reviews and ask for feedback from friends and family. Health Insurance is a very complex industry and there are excellent players with or without big brand recognition. You can have a look at SAFETYNET Facebook page !

Premium vs. Coverage?
Don’t just go for a plan because it looks attractive…. Weigh the coverage against the premium: for example, having lots of Health Check-up cover sounds attractive at first, but is it worth the additional money ?
The concept of Insurance is designed to support you when you need it the most, not to support your daily medical expenses.