For your Company in Cambodia: How to select the right Health Insurance plan?

Right Health Insurance Plan V2

Every year, Cambodian Leadership teams have to go through the bid for Health Insurance plans.
This can be a very unpleasant and complicated duty while employees’ satisfaction/ loyalty may be impacted by this type of extra benefits. Some advice to guide Managers for group Health Insurance selection.

PRICE: Premium is important but…

The annual budget for group Health insurance is often determined upfront and not negotiable. However, it is good to keep yourself some margin as the best Insurance companies can offer you attractive additional benefits for a little more.
Smart suppliers are trying to differentiate their offers, your company probably does the same, Stay flexible and Open !

COVER: Basics are always covered but what about…

Most corporations in Cambodia offer standard in-patient cover which may look valueless to employees. HR may investigate what their employees need….an obvious example is “Childbirth” or even “Worldwide Cover” that can be well received internally.

CO-PAYMENT: 0% or few % for a lower premium?

There is always this never-ending question of having 0% CO-PAYMENT (share of the medical bills to be paid by members) or some little %.
Asking members, let’s say, to pay 10% of the medical bills can decrease your company Premium. In return, you can also add attractive benefits in the Insurance plan !

ONLINE SYSTEMS: What is available for all parties involved?

Nowadays, “Claim Online” is already offered by most Insurance providers in this country.
However, you should also check/ understand the entire ONLINE solutions offered: What is available ONLINE to Members, Hospitals and the Company HR department?
For example, Did you know that well-built ONLINE systems between Insurance and the Hospital Network will allow faster admission? Is there the possibility for the HR to extract data online in real time? etc…

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Any references?

All medical Insurance specialists will tell you they have the ”best quality of service”.
But, did you actually check yourself? Did you hear real experiences from third parties?
Get some evidence because the right scheme is also about good service to your employees for less complaints/ worries…

HOSPITAL NETWORK: Big Network or Good Network?

This is an overlooked part of the deal. Do not only value the numbers of facilities in the Network (small low quality medical cabinets), but… check if the Top Hospitals are listed.
Top Hospitals only work with the most reliable and professional Insurance companies.