Health Financial Protection (Medical Insurance) for all Cambodians ?

Health Financial Protection (medical Insurance) For All Cambodians (5)

On the 12th of December was “Universal Health Coverage Day”.

According to International organizations, up to 300 million people in the world are reaching unacceptable levels of financial situations due to medical care costs.
One may wonder if the private sector in Cambodia could contribute to this goal. Current reality is that commercial Health Insurance plans have always had the reputation to be costly, untrustworthy and highly discriminatory (Pricing, Age limit, Medical questionnaires, Pre-existing conditions not covered, etc…).

The Insurance industry could contribute more to the society but this would require to design plans which have the following characteristics:

  • Be Affordable
  • No Age discrimination
  • No Restrictions on state of medical conditions (chronic diseases, diabetes, HIV/ AIDS, etc.)
  • No Medical Questionnaire
  • Direct Billing (Insurance pay directly to the Hospital)

In short, Health Insurance plans that accept Everyone with a direct payment process. On top of this, why not Worldwide coverage to symbolize the idea that Health protection is universal? Such features would not be easy for a private insurer to cover, however, SAFETYNET in Cambodia believes that this is possible by:

  • Being a Pure Insurance Specialist in Health and only focused on Health
  • Having the Family as the core source of financing
  • Believing that loyalty can be a trigger for a good cover
  • Using modern IT technologies
  • Setting trusted cooperation with Medical facilities (Hospitals, Clinics…)
  • Acknowledging that a responsibility should remain with the insured member

Those are the foundations of ‘SAFETYNET’ with the plan FAMILY HEALTH PROTECT.

Making Health Insurance Affordable and Accessible for All Ages.


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