How can I identify trustful insurance company in Cambodia?

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As a relatively new industry in Cambodia, one may wonder how to select a reliable Health Insurance company in Cambodia.

Needless to say, it is important to check first if it is a licensed Insurance company at the Ministry of Finance. Here are additional tips to pick a trustful Health Insurance company for yourself, family or enterprise (HR Leaders and Corporate Management Team).

1- Management Team: How experienced is the Management team? Insurance is a very complicated business which requires industry and numerical expertise to guarantee sustainability with a high quality of service. SafetyNet Management team has several decades of experience in Insurance, Servicing and Pricing. The team has also worked in or with Europe, United States, Japan, Korea, China, the Middle East and, of course, ASEAN countries.

2- Main Insurance Partners: Who are the main partners of the Health Insurance company? Every Insurance company requires partnership with other Insurance companies for risk management. Trustful Insurance companies will only work with Trustful Insurance companies. SafetyNet partners with FORTE (Cambodia Leading Insurance company) and AXA (Worldwide Leading Insurance company).

3- Corporate Clients: Ask for clients names, companies…Cambodian corporations select the best Insurance companies to protect their employees.

4- Hospital Network: Which Hospitals are in the បណ្តាញមន្ទីរពេទ្យដៃគូ of the Health Insurance company? One of the great benefits of buying a Health Insurance is ‘direct billing’ (the medical bills are paid by the Health Insurance directly). Best Hospitals only work with Trustful Insurance companies.

5- Social Media: Have a deep look at the Facebook page (dominant Internet platform in Cambodia). As the main local communication channel, it will reflect the Insurance companies characteristics and reputation.

6- Medical Expertise: What is the ratio of staff with Medical background? Health Insurance is complex because it is at the crossroads of Insurance and Healthcare, only experts in both fields can offer product integrity. SafetyNet has a ratio of almost 30% of the total SafetyNet staff are from a medical background (Doctors, Nurses, etc…).