SAFETYNET Team Cambodia Refreshed for 2024 !!!

Safetynet Medical Insurance Team 2024

Last month, the SAFETYNET team refreshed themselves with a delightful stay in Sihanoukville  (Ream Beach) after a busy 2023!

On Saturday morning, they set off on a bus journey via the superhighway to Kampong Som, appreciating Cambodia’s impressive infrastructure that enables fast and safe travel (new highway). Team bonding occurred naturally, without any planned activities on the bus, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Upon arriving at the resort, the SAFETYNET team indulged in fantastic food and listened to an invigorating speech from our CEO.

The summary of 2023 and the promising direction for 2024 were shared, emphasizing undeniable growth thanks to SAFETYNET’s assets and development.

The year 2023 has demonstrated to the industry that health insurance in Cambodia has its challenges; it requires meticulous data analysis and fine expertise. SAFETYNET, with its qualified team from three continents, possesses the necessary skills. Our excellent Sales and Customer Service, as evidenced by a 98.5% satisfaction survey (March 2024), motivates us to keep our leadership.

In the competitive landscape of private medical insurance, SAFETYNET aims to be a reliable and sustainable partner.

We’re eagerly anticipating 2024, as we optimize our organization to responsibly serve individuals, families, and corporations.

Our motto remains: “Making Health Insurance Affordable and Accessible for All Ages.”


If you want to know more about SAFETYNET Cambodia health insurance plans, feel free to contact: -or- call us 023 23 57 57.