Some Truths & Facts You should Know. 

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Is Health Insurance Necessary?
You are Healthy. You eat Healthy Food. You go to the Gym.
Why would you spend money on Health Insurance?
Because even Healthy people get infected with viruses/bacteria, food poisoning, are detected with Cancer or victims of Accidents.
Many hospitalizations in the region are actually due to those events.

Health Insurance does not accept Elderly people?
Elderly people at any Age can be covered by SafetyNet Cambodia, even with chronic medical conditions.

Health Insurance is not Affordable?
A Yearly Premium can be as cheap as  $179 per Year per Person for a $ 12,000 Medical coverage.
Health Insurance is actually Affordable.

Are Health Insurance paying Claims?
SafetyNet Cambodia has been processing payment of 97.9% of the submitted claims.
This is more than $ 3 000 000…

Is Health Insurance paying Claims timely?
SafetyNet Cambodia has been reimbursing its claims within 10 days.
The insured members who visited our Hospitals in the Network were paid directly.
This means ”Cashless” for the insured member.

Health Insurance can also protect your Family in case of Death?
SafetyNet Cambodia can protect financially your loved ones with up to $ 40,000 in case of Accidental Death.

Now you know those Truths & Facts about Health Insurance.
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*the 2.1% rejected claims was due to non-alignment with the contract/ agreement (Insurance policy).