No Health Insurance in Cambodia?

Why Health Insurance?

The objective of a Health Insurance is to cover your unexpected medical expenses, it will bring down out of pocket expenses.

Without Health Insurance.

If you have no Health Insurance, you are taking the risk that it can wipe out your current savings and even fall into debts…It is estimated that millions of people around the world are falling into poverty due to health costs.

Why Health Insurance is for everyone?

For some people with cash savings or assets, many prefer to pay medical bills by themselves….but it can be detrimental to their current living style, they may have to sell their assets, start to live in less “comfortable” conditions…why not transfer this risk to an Insurance by paying an Annual Premium?

Protect financially your Family.

Needless to say that infants and elderly people are more at risk so it is worth investing in a Family health insurance plan that will be more affordable than an individual plan.

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