Relationship between Insurance & Hospitals in Cambodia

Relationship Between Insurance & Hospitals In Cambodia

When you purchased a Health Insurance plan for your company, you probably did not ask any questions about the Hospital Network relationship. You mainly were concerned about the number of hospitals.

Cambodian Insurance companies and Hospitals relation may seem as simple as:

  • Insurance companies agree with Hospitals to belong to the Network
  • Hospitals call by phone the Insurance companies when a customer visit to validate the Insurance cover
  • Hospitals send the bills to the Insurance company
  • Insurance company pays the invoice to the Hospital

Here are some of the challenges and new processes in this relationship:

  • Insurance companies and Hospitals actually do select “each other”. This can be due to lack of interest, differences in business approaches, reputation….
  • When a patient visit a Hospital, the traditional flow is a phone call to validate the patient’s cover. However, advanced Insurance companies share directly online immediate information which allows a faster customer experience
  • For Accidents, some Insurance online system may also have immediate acceptance

Select your Cambodian Insurance company not only based on the Premium and Cover but also make sure:

  • Top Hospitals are in the Hospital Network (reputation and trust)
  • Advanced online systems that will allow you to be processed quickly (fast acceptance and validation)