SAFETYNET Cambodia Health Insurance: 9th Anniversary !

9 Year Anniversary 4

On 9th June 2015 was the first day SAFETYNET Insurance Services was established in Singapore.
SAFETYNET was founded on the belief that we can develop an innovative health insurance plan that better addresses the needs of Southeast Asian countries.
– How can we develop a health insurance system that provides effective support for families and old people in this region?
– How can such insurance cover existing medical conditions (such as chronic diseases)?
– Why don’t we have insurance policies that promote intergenerational financial support, considering that solidarity in Asia?
– Why can’t families have comprehensive worldwide coverage like those in developed nations?
SAFETYNET is celebrating its 9th anniversary and is proud to be recognized as the undisputed leading medical insurance provider in Cambodia, distinguished by the following attributes:
– It stands as the sole specialist in health insurance, exclusively dedicated to healthcare coverage in the Kingdom.
– It offers 3 tailored products designed to meet the needs of every segment, from individual clients, expats to large corporations with thousands of employees.
– It is the only provider that has crafted a unique product offering comprehensive coverage for family members of all ages, including those with pre-existing conditions, on a global cover (incl. USA, Europe, Japan…).
– Currently, SAFETYNET protects individuals of 48 different nationalities with its insurance products, and this number is continuously increasing.
– Each year, the company processes thousands of medical treatment bills for its insured members.
– SAFETYNET utilizes state-of-the-art IT technologies to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction.
– The company has established trusted partnerships with over 250 healthcare facilities, both in Cambodia and abroad, setting it far apart from its competitors
Our motto is: Making Health Insurance Affordable and Accessible for All Ages.

Watch this video about the Anniversary !!! SAFETYNET 9th Anniversary

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