A Health Insurance plan for my employees?

Employee Protection
You are the owner of a Cambodian company or an HR manager and may wonder if it is worth it to invest into Health Insurance for your employees.
– It is actually Easy to join
The selection of a Health package is actually simple as they are often tailor made, tell your Insurance agent what you want. Once you agree on the package and premium, the benefits can be explained to your staff by your Insurance Agent. Nowadays, the workload can be minimal and managed by your Insurance partner.
– It will attract Talents
Company reputation and Salary is a strong driver in the decision process for employees. Still, you can make a difference with employee benefits (Health insurance: Childbirth expenses, Hospitalization, Doctor consultation, Family members’ protection, etc…).
– It reduces Absenteeism
Healthy and Happy employees will miss work less often. Medical insurance not only allows staff to be financially protected but also to have access to quality healthcare.
– It will increase Loyalty
Cambodia ‘s job market is very dynamic and everyone is trying to grab talents from all industries. Offering such perks can retain your staff so as to allow you to concentrate on growing your business with them.