Cambodian employees with Medical Insurance

Cambodian Employees With Medical Insurance

Our SAFETYNET Customer service team has identified 3 Top questions from Cambodian employees about their Medical Insurance.

1- Outpatient and Inpatient confusion

In short, Inpatient means medical treatment with at least 1 night stay in the Hospital while Outpatient means treatment at home (typically, a simple consultation at the general practitioner). Some corporations/companies decide not to include Outpatient to their employees’ benefits so you will be covered only if hospitalized in the Hospital/Clinic.

2- Claims submission documents

Documents required for claim submission include: original invoices with breakdown details, medical certificates, laboratory results and x-rays…(and other for some specific cases). This is to avoid “fraud and abuse”, unfortunately, very common… It is not a trick to reject the medical claims !

3- Claims submission process

How to submit the claims is often a question asked…SAFETYNET has a very easy to use online tool, just have all your invoices and medical documents at hand and follow the steps on (click on the menu bar==> CLAIM ONLINE)

If you have any questions about your Health Insurance benefits, do not hesitate to contact your HR department or your Insurance company.

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