What can be done to prevent the spread of dengue fever?

What Can Be Done To Prevent The Spread Of Dengue Fever

Controlling and preventing dengue fever outbreaks are essential steps for keeping people healthy. The primary preventative measure to reduce dengue infections is the control of mosquito populations:

  • Community Actions: Source reduction is to eliminate unnecessary container habitats that collect water (such as plastic jars, bottles, cans, tires, and buckets) in which mosquitoes can lay their eggs
  • Personal Actions: Wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants, Treat clothes with repellents like permethrin, Use mosquito nets while sleeping, Make sure windows and doors screens are closed to avoid allowing mosquitoes into enclosed spaces
  • Chemical control involves the use of insecticides to kill immature or adult mosquitoes
  • New chemical, biological, and genetic approaches are also being developed and may provide promising alternatives to control mosquito populations and prevent dengue infections

The most effective way to control mosquitos is to eliminate places where they lay their eggs, such as artificial containers that hold standing water around the home. Use of mosquito netting and repellents are helpful in minimizing an individual’s exposure.

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