Why is SafetyNet growing so fast in Cambodia?

Sn Is Growing Fast In Cambodia 2

After a few years in the Kingdom of Cambodia, SafetyNet Insurance Services (Cambodia), Co. LTD. has reached in 2020 a market share of 18% Health Insurance premiums.

SafetyNet was founded on the idea that there was a missing product to protect financially Cambodians. A Health Insurance plan which would focus on the Family with guaranteed acceptance at All Ages, Any Medical conditions…and also Affordable.

Did you ever ask for a quote for a Plan including your Grandparents who are 78 years old with chronic diseases? SafetyNet is the only Insurance Specialist who will offer an Affordable plan with all those conditions covered.

However, setting up a successful and sustainable Health Insurance required more than having the right product:

1- International Expertise from the Management team

Our Management team is composed of highly experienced people having worked in or with Europe, United States, Japan, the Middle East and, of course, ASEAN countries. It is 30+ years working overseas. This allows us to have global standards in the way we treat our Clients and Partners with efficient processes.

2- An entire Company that is only dedicated to Health Insurance products

SafetyNet is the only organization in Cambodia whose team is fully dedicated to Health Insurance products from design of the Insurance plans, pricing, distribution, claim payment and customer service…We are Health Insurance Specialists.

3- Superior Online tools for our Insured Members, Hospitals and Valued Distributors  

Our Agile IT system is managed from 3 continents because we believe that data is critical to be in real-time allowing any parties to interact or retrieve data from us. It is very smooth to deal with SafetyNet 24h/24.

4- Focused Sales & Distribution teams

Listening and Understanding our client’s needs is our DNA. We also created a trusted relationship with our Distributors for a win-win outcome for the interest of our Customers.

5- An International network of Hospitals with Direct Billing from Cambodia to Bangkok or Paris…

With 200+ Hospitals in Cambodia and Abroad, our Insured members have their bills paid directly. Thanks to our Online tools, Hospitals enjoy quick processing with SafetyNet.

6- Exceptional Claim and Customer Service experience 

We are proud to have our biggest teams in the Claims and Customer Service. Our Customer Survey in February 2021 resulted in 97% Satisfaction with the #1 reason being ”TRUSTED”.

7- Solid relationship with our underwriter partner FORTE

Selecting the most reliable Cambodian partner with 20 years experience in the Kingdom was key to SafetyNet’s success, namely, FORTE. This partnership guarantees to all our insured members and business partners financial protection in case of disputes.


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